Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

8 10 2008


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We’ve all heard the “official conspiracy theory” of the Death Star attack. We all know about Luke Skywalker and his ragtag bunch of rebels, how they mounted a foolhardy attack on the most powerful, well-defended battle station ever built. And we’ve all seen the video over, and over, and over, of the one-in-a-million shot that resulted in a massive chain reaction that not just damaged, but completely obliterated that massive technological wonder.

Like many citizens of the Empire, I was fed this story when I was growing up. But as I watched the video, I began to realize that all was not as it seemed. And the more I questioned the official story, the deeper into the rabbit hole I went.

Presented here are some of the results of my soul-searching regarding this painful event. Like many citizens, I have many questions that I would like answered: was the mighty Imperial government really too incompetent to prevent a handful of untrained nerf-herders from destroying one of their most prized assets? Or are they hiding something from us? Who was really behind the attack? Why did they want the Death Star destroyed? No matter what the answers, we have a problem.

Below is a summary of my book, Uncomfortable Questions: An Analysis of the Death Star Attack, which presents compelling evidence that we all may be the victims of a fraud of immense proportions.

Uncomfortable Questions about the Death Star Attack

An Analysis of the Death Star Attack

1) Why were a handful of rebel fighters able to penetrate the defenses of a battle station that had the capability of destroying an entire planet and the defenses to ward off several fleets of battle ships?

2) Why did Grand Moff Tarkin refuse to deploy the station’s large fleet of TIE Fighters until it was too late? Was he acting on orders from somebody to not shoot down the rebel attack force? If so, who, and why?

3) Why was the rebel pilot who supposedly destroyed the Death Star reported to be on the Death Star days, maybe hours, prior to its destruction? Why was he allowed to escape, and why were several individuals dressed in Stormtrooper uniforms seen helping him?

4) Why has there not been an investigation into allegations that Darth Vader, the second-ranking member of the Imperial Government, is in fact the father of the pilot who allegedly destroyed the Death Star?

5) Why did Lord Vader decide to break all protocols and personally pilot a lightly armored TIE Fighter? Conveniently, this placed Lord Vader outside of the Death Star when it was destroyed, where he was also conveniently able to escape from a large-sized rebel fleet that had just routed the Imperial forces. Why would Lord Vader, one of the highest ranking members of the Imperial Government, suddenly decide to fly away from the Death Star in the middle of a battle? Did he know something that the rest of the Imperial Navy didn’t?

Emperor Palpatine fails to act after being informed of the attack

6) How could any pilot shoot a missile into a 2 meter-wide exhaust port, let alone a pilot with no formal training, whose only claim to fame was his ability to “bullseye womprats” on Tatooine? This shot, according to one pilot, would be “impossible, even for a computer.” Yet, according to additional evidence, the pilot who allegedly fired the missile turned off his targeting computer when he was supposedly firing the shot that destroyed the Death Star. Why have these discrepancies never been investigated, let alone explained?

7) Why has their been no investigation into evidence that the droids who provided the rebels with the Death Star plans were once owned by none other than Lord Vader himself, and were found, conveniently, by the pilot who destroyed the Death Star, and who is also believed to be Lord Vader’s son? Evidence also shows that the droids were brought to one Ben Kenobi, who, records indicate, was Darth Vader’s teacher many years earlier! Are all these personal connections between the conspirators and a key figure in the Imperial government supposed to be coincidences?

8) How could a single missile destroy a battle station the size of a moon? No records, anywhere, show that any battle station or capital ship has ever been destroyed by a single missile. Furthermore, analysis of the tape of the last moments of the Death Star show numerous small explosions along its surface, prior to it exploding completely! Why does all evidence indicate that strategically placed explosives, not a single missile, is what destroyed the Death Star?

Best Comment:

1) If you played Battlefront II you would know that the rebels escaped from a cell block with the plans

2) He didn’t deploy the TIE fighters because he thought the shields would protect the Death Star and hadn’t been informed of the possible security threat until it was too late.

3) Did you watch the film?

4)There are no investigations in an Empire of conspiracy, that would be a Republic. There is only torture and execution.

5) Vader is the best pilot in the galaxy, when you find there is a vulnerability from a fighter ship you damn well send you best pilot to take them out.

6) The same reason humans can beat a computer at chess

7) Humans don’t pay much attention to droids. How often do humans try to ignore their pets?

8 ) The force and chain reactions baby.

9) 9/11 was an inside job, not the Deathstar. That was an outerspace job.


McCane and the Saudis: The Connection

25 09 2008

just google it and you will see some interesting stories regarding Republican candidate John McCane and the Saudis.

Here’s one:

McCain Aide Resigns Over Saudi Arabia Lobbying Ties

and here’s one from youtube:

YouTube – McCain for a strong Saudi America

Google Trends: a tech wonder

17 09 2008

Google Trends is a really cool way to see what the world is thinking right now or at one time.. and even for specific search terms!

Google Hot Trends

Quoting wikipedia: “is a tool from Google Labs that shows the most popularly searched terms from the beginning of 2004 to now”

…try it now.. (e.g. http://www.google.com/trends?q=saudi)

Riding a Dead Horse

16 09 2008

This one’s a classic.. (btw, in case you don’t already know, riding a dead horse is a term for sticking to a failing strategy far too often)

Dakota Tribal wisdom says that when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. A recently declassified Pentagon document indicates that people in the Pentagon try other strategies. Specifically there are 23 separate and distinct strategies that people in the Pentagon try when they discover they are riding a dead horse:

1. Buy a stronger whip.

2. Change riders.

3. Say things like, “This is the way we’ve always ridden this horse.”

4. Arrange to visit other sites to see how they ride their dead horses.

5. Increase the standards to ride dead horses.

6. Appoint a Tiger Team to revive the dead horse.

7. Create a training session to increase riding ability.

8. Pass legislation that declares, ” The horse is not dead.”

9. Harness several Dead Horses together for increased speed.

10. Declare with a policy directive and operating instruction that no dead horse is too dead to beat.

11. Do a cost analysis to determine if contractors can ride the dead horse cheaper.

12. Buy a commercial off-the-shelf dead horse.

13. Declare that the horse is better, faster, and cheaper dead.

14. Form an IPT to find uses for dead horses.

15. Revisit the key performance parameters (KPPs) for dead horses.

16. Say the horse was procured making CAIV-based decisions.

17. BRAC the horse farm on which the dead horse was born.

18. Promote the dead horse to a supervisory position.

19. Name the dead horse “Paradigm Shift” and keep riding it.

20. Ride the dead horse “smarter,” not harder.

21. Call the dead horse “joint” and let others ride it.

22. Ride the dead horse “outside the box.”

23. Kill all the other horses.

Master Mind: A great game

16 09 2008

Playing Master Mind requires logical thinking. The computer sets up a code of colored pegs and hides it behind the white pegs on top of the board (duplicates are allowed, so even all pegs of the same color might be possible). The aim is to break the code in eight or less guesses. Clicking on one of the colored pegs at the bottom places a peg on the board, starting at the first row, and from left to right. Once the row is complete the game will provide feedback. A black peg on the left indicates that one of the guess pegs is correct both in color and position, a white peg indicates that one of the guess pegs is correct in color but wrong in position.


soduko is there, too, if you’re a soduko junkie…

My Blogging Days Start Today

16 09 2008

Hopefully inshaAllah, I’ll get enough time to update this blog once in a while at least.